Character Generation

Nine Princes EnNobled
So, what do I have to do?

I'm allotting time at the con to make characters, so, at a minimum just think about what you might like to play. If you do come up with a character concept, I'd love to hear about it, so we can work out how it will fit into the mechnanics and into the game world. You can drop me a line at

Character Concepts

The basic requirements for a charcter concept are:

  1. PCs will all be Nobles of Amber.
  2. PCs can be Elders, or unknown mortals before their enNoblement. Any Elder, including Dworkin and Oberon, is available. Alternately, even inanimate object can be given souls and enNobled, so one could play the Pattern, or even Castle Amber if one so desired. Heavy use of Anchors is expected in that case.
  3. If you want to have Anchors already established, let me know. In particular, I expect non-Noble Elders to go quickly, so book your very own Caine today!
  4. You need to pick an Estate for your Power. Pick a concept (kingship, trees, fire, etc.), and think of three words which describe how your Power thinks of his Estate.
  5. Everything else is only limited by imagination. The sooner I know about your idea, the sooner I can help you work out the details.
  6. You have 25 character points to work with. Feel free to bounce ideas off of me, or, if you're short on time, I've allotted time to work on characters at the con.


Each level of attribute costs 3 points. Each additional MP (beyond the 5 each Power gets for each attribute) is 1 point. Additionally, Powers can buy Domain levels in one or more Secondary Estates. Any Secondary Domain ranks must be less than or equal to the Power's main Domain, and cost only 1 point per level, instead of 3.


The accounting for Gifts is moderately complicated. There's a bit more info on it here. The best way to figure out what a gift costs, though, is to describe what you want, and ask me how much it will cost.


Again, the best way to do this is to describe what you want and ask me what you'd get for it. Of special note, though, is the Focus limit; this is how you make Items of Power. For example, a magic sword might contain a Gift that contains a high Aspect attack with several level of penetration. A Sandman-esque Power might put a few levels of Domain into a jewel. A red-bearded northman might put a level of Aspect into a belt and a set of gloves. Again, the Amadan Nobilis site has some standard Handicaps to pick from.