Nine Princes EnNobled

In Nine Princes EnNobled, the PCs have a different perspective on the world of Amber than they do in a normal game. The PCs are semi-divine agents, walking, talking building blocks of Creation. As such, they have a sort of behind-the-scenes view of the working of the Amberverse.

The Serpent and the Unicorn

In the Beginning, there was a Void. In that Void, two lovers, more ancient than time, lay entwined, and, in thier passion, forged deep eternal links between thier souls. In time, though, the two lovers fought.

The Serpent anchored his divine soul into a place, through the Miracle known as EnChancelment. With the death of one hundred souls, the Serpent made a portion of Creation his own, protecting his physical body, and leaving him free to devote his attention to the Spirit World, that timeless place where true front for the battle for all that is takes place. To deal with the more mundane duties of his station, the Serpent gathered a handful of the mortals who had been caught in the creation of Chaos, and gave to them shards of his soul. Thus were born the Sovereign Powers of Chaos.

The Unicorn, left alone in the void, grew lonely. She came to Chaos, in disguise, and found young Dworkin Barimen. In time, they became lovers. The Unicorn fled with Dworkin, and, at the cost of the lives of one hundred Chaosians, the city that would become Amber was born, with Dworkin as the first Sovereign Power of the Unicorn.

Though the love the Unicorn and the Serpent once bore each other was long dead, their souls were still tied together with the unbreakble chains they forged so long ago. Thier souls still reached for each other, across the bounderies of reality. This reaching stretched the fabric of the two Imperator's Chancels, pulling at reality, creating the infinity of Shadow as a reflection of the love two immortals once bore for each other.

Oberon and his Children

Dworkin brought his son Oberon out of Chaos to Amber, to rule the new world. Oberon, also enNobled, ruled Amber as King and protector, and began to raise his large family. Things went fairly well, until his scheming children met the scheming children of Chaos.

Corwin and Patternfall

When Corwin returned to Amber, he found a land more wounded than he knew. Brand's damage to the Pattern had shifted the balance betwen Amber and Chaos. Corwin's blood curse allowed the Soveriegns of Chaos to get close enough to wound the heart of Amber itself. A great deal of the battle took place in Mythic Reality, that alternate perspective on reality where spirits live. Oberon called upon a Word of the Command, pushing his Miraculous powers to the utmost limit to repair the damage his children inflicted, leaving him dead. At the same time, Corwin himself was desperately bartering with forces from Beyond, and, at the cost of one hundred lives, he burnt a new Pattern into the soil, and vanished into a place none of his siblings could reach.

Merlin and Spikards

The chronicles of Merlin, as have been noted by many, recount some fairly standard familial strife, until, near the end, things got strange. While Merlin is a man who comes from a truly noble heritage, and a skilled sorceror, he is, ultimately, mortal. The mortal mind cannot bear unaided the strain of dealing with two different layers of reality; when a mortal sees something that Prosaic Reality cannot sufficiently explain, the mortal can be trapped in Mythic Reality, seeming a madman to those around him. Merlin pushed too far, and found himself in a world his mind could not bear. The Spikards were the tools of some visiting Sovereign from another realm, not meant for mortal hands. The story of Merlin is a lesson for those who would trouble the lives of gods.