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The Nano-Victorian Future

This is both a setting for short fiction and a diceless role-playing game.

The Nano-Victorian Future is a ficton a bit over a century ahead of ours. The world has been through a nanotech revolution that brought humanity to the brink of the Technological singularity, and then to the brink of destruction. Since then, the world has managed to regroup and rebuild.

Europe is a mutant-filled wasteland, Canada is filled with anarcho-syndicalist nanotech wizards, and the Constitutional Monarchy of the Empire of America is ruled by Queen Victoria, first of her name. There is a more detailed write-up of the world's history.

As a game setting, The Nano-Victorian Future uses diceless rules based on Erick Wujcik's Amber DRPG rules. See Character Generation for instructions on how to create a character.

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