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Character Generation

Characters get 150 point if created and submitted before the con. Characters created at the con are built with 130 points.

Character Generation Examples


This should be a short description of what drives the character. Examples would include “Revenge for my murdered father”, “Thirst for Knowledge” or “FREEEEEEEDOM!”


Points can be allocated among the five attributes as desired. If the character's Brawn score is over 20, or if the character is stronger than she looks, I will expect some explanation of why - muscle grafts, nanofibre implants, etc.

An average score for a normal human is in the 5-10 point range. A score of zero indicates some kind of serious disability, injury or disfigurement.

For each Attribute, include a 1-3 word description for that character's specialization in the Attribute. This mostly comes into play in close ties and establishing context.


Gear doesn't have any kind of set cost - any Gear you buy for your character can be as cheap as a single point, up to as much as you can afford. The more points spent, the more flexible the gadget will be. The more specific a piece of Gear is, the more directly advantageous the points will be - 10 points in Outfit will provide less protection against gunfire than a 10 point suit of armour. The advantage to the 10 points of Outfit is that it can do much more than cushion bullets.


Knacks are for anything else that you want to drop a few points in to round out the character - odd skills, strange connections, notable history. Anything not covered up to this point that's central to the concept of the character could do with a point or two.

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