Amber: Cry of the Unicorn

Cry of the Unicorn is an Amber DPRG play by e-mail (PBeM) game. The Amber DRPG is based on the Amber Chronicles written by the late Roger Zelazny, in two series of 5 books each.

The main inspiration for this game comes from ponderings on the idea of a "First Series Only" game. The first series, featuring Corwin as protagonist, doesn't give a lot of details about Chaos, and those it does give are muddled in the second series, which stars Corwin's Chaos-raised son Merlin.

Some people (like me) prefer the first series to the second for various reasons. So I've cut all the second series stuff out of the game, and created my own version of Chaos, and tried to capture the feel of the Chaos hinted at in Corwin's books.

Action will take place in Amber, Chaos, and places in between. PCs can be from Amber, Chaos, somewhere in Shadow, or even from behind Corwin's Pattern.


  • Characters: Both NPCs and PCs will have info here. PCs will each get thier own section to put things in, if they wish. Things like contributions might go here, in addition to basic info.
  • Attributes: This section has the interpretation of the uses of attributes that I'm going to try to use, and will also have the results of the attitbute auction.
  • Places:Amber, the Courts of Chaos, and interesting Shadows get treatment here
  • Powers: The interpretation of Powers used in Cry of the Unicorn
  • Character Generation: How I'm going to deal with making characters.