The Kingdom of Neren consists of 13 prefectures, and in theory, is ruled by a king who is advised by a council of 12 prefects. The 13th prefect is the king, and his prefecture encompases the capital city of Nen. This is a theory, because the throne has sat empty for three hundred years, since the fall of King Owain Dragoneye. In practice, the country is ruled by the Council of Prefects, with the 13th seat remaining empty. Owain's sword Ennedir rests embedded in the centre of the round stone council table in Nen, awaiting his true heir to draw it out.

The Nereni have more sorcerors than is common in the rest of Caecern, and it's not uncommon for Nereni to pick up a level or two of sorceror in their career.

Neren's primary trading partner is Brennadin to the south, and, through them, the 7 Kingdoms. The as-yet-undefined neighbour to the east provides some trade, as well as a tade connection to the Elves of Shenthara, but most of thier trade runs south. There isn't much trade to the west simply because the Gethlyn would rather conquer and steal.

Neren's military is mostly focussed westwards on the frequent raids from various gethlyn clans. Neren is prevented from expanding south by the Veil around Brennadin, and from expanding east by something I haven't figured out yet. Neren is also targetted by raids from the Northern Isles periodically.

Nereni technology is more integrated with magic than in, say, the Seven Kingdoms, mostly because there are more magic users available for item creation. The flip side of this is that some industries in Neren lag behind the Seven because Neren relies on magic. This accounts for a significant portion of Nereni-Seven trade; the Nereni get good Thundeslande steel in exchange for Nereni potions, for example.